Community Initiatives

We are a socially responsible organisation that believes people and planet are the core of our purpose. We strive to serve our communities by creating substantive social changes that reflect our core values. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) interventions build replicable, sustainable solutions that actively contribute to both community and environment. We utilise a long term perspective that focuses on understanding, incorporating, and seeding real change through developmental interventions that improve the lives of communities around us.

CSR impact over the years


Pregnant women, new mothers and infants were benefited through initiatives focused on enhancing nutrition levels, encouraging good hygiene habits and ensuring complete immunization of children


Women provided with effective antenatal care services in a timely manner


Model anganwadis (child care centres) created to enhance learning outcomes, improve health and hygiene of children in the age group of 0-6 years.


Employees have valunteered their time and efforts through the Joy of Giving Initiative


A sustainable development agenda is vital for any organization looking to create long-term value. We strive to contribute to multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using our business and allied activities. Our CSR projects contribute to 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) directly, while our core business operations contribute indirectly to many more through sustained economic growth, environmental protection, and societal development.

Corporate Social Responsibility Focus Areas

Access To Health Care

Through Glenmark Foundation we have initiated Project Kavach, a child health project that encourages positive health seeking behaviour among pregnant women and mothers of infants. We are creating model anganwadis (child care centres) and have set up a Reproductive Child Health (RCH) Centre at GIDC, Ankleshwar in Gujarat, India that significantly helps improve health and hygiene among children under the age of six. Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness Camps and Health Check-ups of the local police are some of the initiatives we have undertaken to ensure the well-being of the community at large.

Water Stewardship

We aim to encourage individuals and communities to embrace innovative technologies that improve their access to safe and clean drinking water. Timely intervention in water conservation projects can arrest the exacerbation of water and health issues in most communities. We are expanding our partnerships with projects and practices that increase availability of water for household, agriculture, livestock and groundwater recharge, thereby advancing a major sustainability goal.

Community Development

Glenmark Life Sciences aims to formulate programs focused on the overall holistic development of villages. We select villages based on sustainability parameters and introduce initiatives in education, women empowerment & skill development, disability, and infrastructure development, which are implemented through various types of activities and programmes.

Sustainable Livelihood

We support sustainable livelihood initiatives that teach the youth useful vocational skills, and provide tools, training and access that improve their standard of living. One of our primary goals is to empower youth to contribute towards and share in larger economic growth and prosperity based on strong intrinsic values like self-reliance and self-respect.

Employee Volunteering Programs

Over 500 GLS employees have generously volunteered time, effort, skill and finances to help their larger communities through our Joy of Giving initiative. Direct contact with the lives we help improve creates one-to-one connections that make us more aware of the positive long-term impact of such contributive, value-creating initiatives. These volunteer programs transform the abstract, intangible concept of ‘helping’ into the concrete, heart-warming reality of happy faces, joyful communities, and a brighter future for our society.