Over the years, our reach has widened to cover the world's major markets and enabled us to partner the world's Top 20 generic companies and serve customers in over 65 countries.

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We have a track record of supplying high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to customers all over the world. Our product portfolio comprises over 130 APIs and a catalogue of over 270 inventions on which we have different degrees of patent protection.



We pursue and maintain high standards of quality and regulatory compliance across all our manufacturing and R&D locations.

We have a robust pipeline of over 130 APIs and a catalogue of over 270 inventions on which we have different level of patent protection.

  • Manufacturing

    Glenmark Life Sciences has 4 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which collectively manufacture and meet requirements of over 700 clients across 65 countries.

  • Research & Development

    Our team of experienced and committed scientists understand the regulatory requirements of various geographies and can navigate the minefield of intellectual property around specific products.


End-to-end Support

Our offering includes a full suite of services from R&D, analytical, and intellectual property to market intelligence and go-to-market strategy. Together, these help us support our customers all the way from product identification and development to commercialisation and eventually, life cycle management.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Every business decision and action taken at Glenmark Life Sciences is guided by our pledge to give back to the world and contribute to the well-being of our stakeholders and the community.

Environment, Health and Safety

A strong commitment to environmental protection encourages us to explore and adopt opportunities that can make our processes more resource - and energy-efficient.


about us

Glenmark Life Sciences partners the world's Top 20 generic companies to supply them with a wide range of high-quality, industry-leading Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We have steadily built scale in our product offerings & reach. Leveraging our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing locations, we supply over 130 APIs to more than 700 customers across 65 countries.