With you, all the way
Providing end-to-end support to clients


Our offering includes a full suite of services from R&D, analytical, and intellectual property to market intelligence and go-to-market strategy. Together, these help us support our customers all the way from product identification & development to commercialisation and eventually, life cycle management. We continuously invest in improving and strengthening each of these areas so that our clients can leverage the best of our organisation to compete effectively and maximise value in a challenging environment.

& Development

Glenmark Life Sciences understands the difference between supplying commodities and engineering scientific solutions by harnessing the power of complex chemistry. Our chemistry capabilities include synthetic organic chemistry such as heterocyclic chemistry, chiral chemistry, peptides, polymers, carbohydrate chemistry and steroids. Our team of experienced scientists is continuously engaged in finding innovative ways to develop challenging products which have a relatively high barrier to entry.


We combine technology, infrastructure and human resources to consistently develop new products and create patentable innovation.

A team of experienced and committed scientists understands the regulatory requirements of various geographies and can navigate the minefield of intellectual property around specific products.

We have a catalogue of over 270 inventions on which we have different levels of patent protection. 10-12 new products are developed each year.

Quality and

We devote 22,500 training manhours to quality each year. Our products undergo multiple quality checks and our factories are regularly audited both internally and by external parties. Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Over 300 SOPs are built into our processes.

Our plants are compliant with the requirements of over 35 international health regulatory authorities.


Our people put customers at the centre of everything that they do. To understand, even preempt, customer needs is the hallmark of the Glenmark employee.

Our customers are our partners; we own their concerns. From tailoring product development according to the client's requirement to timely delivery and end-to-end life cycle management, we work closely with our customers to deliver win-win outcomes.


We understand that the global regulatory landscape of generics is a continuously evolving one.

We employ experts with a nuanced and current understanding of regulatory affairs in key geographies.

Customers are assured of our knowledge, experience and support to meet the requirements of the world's most demanding regulators successfully.